Mahr: A Retrospective

Inkmonkey on Jan. 28, 2006

Star Wars Galaxies sucks; I'll tell you that right now. This comic was started essentially as a way of making the monotonous action in the game something more enjoyable. It got some minor fame in SWG circles (which shrink more every day), and in a lot of ways it was just my way of complaining about whatever was bugging me about the series on that particular day. The series was always very sporadic, and I was happy to drop it for Exquisite Dead Guy.

Still, I enjoyed the series, and it was always great to write for Mahr. He's the little Bastard that waits in all of us, waitinf for the anonymity of an online game to come out. I never quite indulged myself to the levels Mahr would have, but they were always at the back of my mind.

And I never did get that stormtrooper armor…