Manifestations -supernatural thriller

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Manifestations -supernatural thriller


Winner "Best Horror Comic 2008" as voted by the readers of DrunkDuck.

A woman is tormented by the ghost of her sadistic husband only to discover that he has been brought back to life by her psychically gifted daughter.

Alice Rackham is a quiet shy girl of 10 who, within her tiny frame, holds a powerful secret… if she concentrates hard enough she can reach into "the dark place" and return the spirits she finds there back to the land of the living.
Sometimes it's a recently passed loved one or pet she finds… but other times it's something horrible… something that doesn't belong among the living. Something that wants to take Alice and her mother, Eve, back to the darkness of the grave… forever!

Cinematic supernatural horror from writer/artist powerhouse Raffaele Ienco (Devoid of Life - Image Comics).

Absolutely and utterly stunning comic.
"Manifestations" deserves all the awards and positive comments it has gotten, and I can add little that has not already been said, so I'll just say that VERY few comic (web or otherwise) can make me compulsively turn the page. I do comics myself (more light-hearted, though), so I usually always can tell what's going to happen next, and when I've read a few dozen pages, well, the rest can usually wait for the next time I do a bit of reading. "Manifestations" couldn't wait - sure, you have a few holes in the plot and a few too-convenient coincidences (like the car crash that unites everyone), but I found myself turning the pages right from the first to the final, I just COULDN'T leave! Take a bow, you are one of those select few comic creators who can do whole-story work - not just superb drawing, but also riveting storytelling-with-pictures (an art in itself), and an incredible script, too. Kudos!!!


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