Scene Zero - 014

Dan on April 25, 2009

4 months and 11 days. I'm trying to find a non-dead comic I can point at, but alas, no such comic exists to my eyes yet. Yeah, I'm pretty much the worst person when in comes to updating (Besides Duke Nukem Forever, but you don't mess with Duke Nukem), but it's finally here. I'm excited on when the next update's gonna be. Probably not until the end of school, since next 4 weeks and weekends will be full of testings and exams. Joyous!

I admit, I honestly don't have any reasonable idea why it took me this long. Last two panels however took me two hours. I had to entirely repose the monster twice and the gun effect at least 6 times (Too big, too bright, too much focus, still too big, too much effect, too blurry), not to mention arranging them so that they'll flow nicely. I tried, but the left end of the last panel is rather disappointing, considering they were not that far apart (Their positions fit in a single panel).

That brings me to another thing: Custom Photoshop brushes. They look so good on the preview picture, but it never seems to work out the way I want it to when I use them myself. I was hoping to make good use out of several of them until I ultimately decided to do the effects myself. The onomatopoeias on the last panel is my handwriting. Lot faster than putting in text and transforming it, I have to say.

In any case, that's it for the day. I've taken a long break from Team Fortress 2 (6 Days now) and decided to go back into Half-Life 2 Single-Player mods. I'm not enjoying most of them (Instant-kill exploding fastcrabs? Seriously?), but it's certainly better than having some 12-year-old (Aimbot-speedhack optional) swear as he dominates me and others.

Oh yeah, new running pose for the Doctor. Hooray!