Davy_Malay on Jan. 11, 2009

Hello! I am Davy and I am a real human boy. This is my comic about animals, and things I have learned about them, things that I am passing on to YOU. These were posted on my blog late last year, but that kind of felt like throwing them down a hole, so now I'm posting them here, too.

I cannot totally vouch for the veracity of any of the facts in these comics, and may sometimes get things wrong, or possibly just make things up for fun, so you should maybe check up any facts before using them in situations on which your life may depend.

Notes on this comic -I am hugely happy with the giraffes eyes in the third panel. Can you imagine sleeping for just two hours a night, every night? It would be awful. Giraffes are really lucky not to be all sentient and self aware and all. I am not so happy with the tiny scrunched up text. This is the first comic I made in ages and ages. I will write bigger, and hopefully even legibly, from now on. Try again, fail again, fail better, you know?
Giraffes are one of the most unlikely looking animals I know. You look at them and think, surely there must be easier ways to go about high level grazing. I mean, goats leap around in trees no bother. But the neck thing is apparently all hooked up to sexual selection too, and just kind of got out of hand. Same thing as happened to the poor old peacock.

Is there an animal you'd like to see a comic about, or you know amazing things about? Please tell me!