Molly Lusc
Close Call, page 6 - Shut-Eye--in the bathtub?

Author notes

Close Call, page 6 - Shut-Eye--in the bathtub?


Molly isn't expecting anything bussiness within the hour so she's gonna go and take a nap–in the bathtub. Yup, its a thing with Molly.

Finally I'm gonna be off from my day-job for a couple of weeks. It's gonna be wondeful, I really need the off-time. As such I'm gonna be off to my folks living out in the country and celebrate Midsummer's Eve - an important celebration in my country -, so probably not gonna see any update the coming week just so you know.

I am thinking about putting more of a focus on updating Molly Lusc here on out as it is the one with most attention and the one I got most of the script writing done for. Another thing is Phetishverses. I'm coming close to actually give that comic the reboot I think I've been mentioning before fairly soon, after having kept that comic on ice for close to a year now.

We'll seen when that'll be. Til' then, wether you celebrate it or not, I wish you a happy Midsummer and I'll see you guys again soon. Have a good one.


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