Teaser Image/Page Holder

Moonlit_Shadows on Oct. 28, 2006

Hey, to all of those who thought I was going to start like…6 months ago…..oops. But this time, I mean it! On Halloween, the first page will appear!

However, you will get two images before then. The first one you can see right here, right now! Oh yeah~~~~. Anyways, it's just a little doodle I thought up and had done in my sketchbook, then zapped into Photoshop and did a quick color. Imagine this scenario:


Setting: Imaginary Blue Land

Rogue : Guess what!

Reiner: You're actually doing something worthwhile? Like going far far away?

Rogue: No, silly! The comic is starting on Tuesday! Halloween!

Reiner: Fuck, we're actually starting!?? Bah!

Rogue: No! Bad puppy!

Rogue: Tuesday. Halloween. Put off your human scaring for 15 minutes to make an appearance here, your majesty….

Reiner : Bah, like this'll last anyway…stupid lazy human….

Rogue: I heard that. I hear all, I see all, and there's nothing you can do about it. Get that in your head, moron.

Rogue: Okay?? Good! Well, see you on Tuesday then!


Well, maybe I got a little carried away, but you can see what illustrations can do to inspire the imagination! Anyways, check back tommorow for another “extra” image, and Tuesday will be the first day of the comic!

Now if you'd excuse me, I have some dining hall cherry Jello to eat and homework to at least try and do….thus is the life of the college student…

Listening to: Gorillaz- Dirty Harry