Ann K4 on March 5, 2009

Hi! First, this comic have nothing to do with teddybears :) Especially Flocon (its name) It's just the lucky charm of one of my friend during our last period of exams ( yeah in drama we are all kind of weird sometimes) I didn't find other picture to put there O_O

Anyway, welcome on this page! I'm traducing in english ( at least, i'm trying) right now the first pages of my new and first comic called Mrs Fairway.

Unfortunatey, i don't have a scannor at home…I have to scan my pages at my university, but the first chapter is finished… if I have some time to scan it, i'll do it.

This comic will content woman/woman relationships so…don't read it if you're not interested or tolerant.

Paix et joie!
I hope you shall like it!