Review 3A: Beeserker

Ka_rin on June 10, 2012

Oh boy!!! What a long itme it has been since I stopped being too lazy to make anything good come out of my artistic endevours… especially comics… at the very least, it's been long enough that I figured out how to better use MS Paint, (which is what I make these in) so that this page looks amazing!
I'm very happy with the outcome, but it is still very time consuming considering what little I have to work with.
Anywho, Beeserker is written drawn and owned by Kyatt, and is now an associate of Hiveworks! Congratulations for that!

This comic is really really funny, and it's so good, both the1truesushiboy and I (Jety Lefr) have made fan-art for it. Me, twice in fact.
You can see those here, here, and here. Sushi made the lantern sculpture, which I think is jsut about the coolest kind of fan-art possible. It is not only 3D, handmade, AND accurate, but it also lights up with FIRE! How cool is that?
Okay, so Astijl didn't say much, because he's just too giddy with bloodlust, but he thinks it's a really funny comic. It's hard to make him laugh, but to be fair, he laughed the hardest when one of the sciencemen had a robotic claw plunged through his skull.
(Guys, edit this to add whatever you want to say.)