Chapter 1: pg9

Torieku on March 30, 2011

and new character about to make an entrance!
Time to answer a couple of questions!

“Yay, I can't wait to meet all of them! Are there any Naruto spawn in that crowd? I see several Akimichis, a young abomination of Inuzuka/Aburai, a couple Lee kids, what looks like a Tenten/Neji offspring, and I can't recognize the rest.”
Hehe! Yes there are Naruto offspring in the crowd^^ two of them infact. We've actually met one of them already…

“Oh, those crazy homicidal teammates. So our Sasuke spawn here has a split personality, and she takes pills to keep it at bay. Who are these other people, and are they offspring of any canon characters?”
Sasuke's son's name is Shinji, the one that is angry is Haru and the only female member is Kagura. They are the children of other canon characters ^^
I have a habit of showing names mid way through chapter one >w>;