02 - 11 - End of Chapter 2

Author notes

02 - 11 - End of Chapter 2


And so, we reach the end of Chapter 2… with a severe twist. It seems the Pro has hidden issues.

I won't be posting Chapter 3 here for a long while. Why? Mainly, because it's not translated. It's a far longer chapter than this one, peaking at 28 pages, and it's also a Christmas Special while in-canon at the same time.

On the other hand, you can read the whole thing in my very own website,; just be aware it's 100% spanish.

I'd really like to translate the chapter, but right now I have much more important things to focus on. There's a certain book I am attempting to publish, plus I'm also in the process of writing the scripts for most of my comics.

And we must not forget Real Life. Yeah, Real Life is always butting in, isn't it?

So yeah… That'd be all by now. Hope you enjoyed this second Chapter, and hope even more that you enjoy the third one (either by checking my website or by waiting a few months until I start translating it to post here, hee). :-)


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