Movie Night

newgirlcomic on May 30, 2012

This is it. The FINAL page… It is sad that I have to put down this comic, I really love the characters and I love hearing from all of you. It has been a really great experience in creating this comic. I want to thank some people on this last page who have helped me, inspiried me and some who have pushed me to do better.
Firstly my wife Carlie, for believeing in me and for being my editor.
Betweenfailures for being a good friend
Kokuchan, dreamwatcher JustNoPoint, and Allan whose comics always are a delight. You guys rule!
yamino, megan_rose, lilu, skullbie, and sky angel for being strong women and spreading a pro-LGBT message. Also thank you to any other comic creator who sends out the word of LGBT community. you are an inspriation and wonderful group of people and you all have my love.
And finally, to all of you. To anyone who has posted a comment, or given my comic a score. thank you. You all are amazing and I hope you have enjoyed this little comic.