plan b

seventy2 on June 22, 2008

so here we are, a flash back to what happensto the best man. hopefully i can get on track to updating once a week, and from there, build a buffer to start up doing more. i tried typing out the text, let me know if you prefer this over hand writing. i kinda like both…

yay! i luff my readers, and i dont wanna just leave the comic hanging there. lets see. i had something important i wanted to say, but alls i remember is that i got interviewed by bocaj a couple months back. you guys should check it out if you hadnt already.


arashi_san–of course it's “coo”

twentytortures–thanks for reading. i get that it's weird alot.

kyupol–yeah it is.

Emeraldas–you're welcome.

Bocaj–thanks for reading