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Hol Tiger on Nov. 7, 2006

There, new sprites of Hol and Todd were made, and I put the backgrounds back (I went back to the generic ones since those are easier but fine have it your way) in addition the text balloons have a new style……

Will someone read my comic now?

NOTE:I've noticed people coming on here and only reading the latest issue, CMON people, it's not that long a comic series, will you atleast read SOME of the begining, I mean GOD!

Note 2:The reason Todd looks pissed in panel 3 is because his and Hol's laughter broke the background image for this issue, Todd knows this is because of Hol's laziness in installing backgrounds

Note 3:Vreakerz is awesome and you should be reading that instead of this….. though please read all of this, as in ALL THE ISSUES of NTWCE, some of my middly parts need commenting on. Cmon I check back there to see if I'm left any comics.

Note 4:Vreakerz is a very real and very awesome comic here on Drunk Duck you should seriously be reading that now instead of this piece of crap I make