Who's normal?

NeoKingpanda on Aug. 5, 2007

In the spirit of comemoration(WOO!\o/),for the start of a new comic,and for the start of a new RTS Comics Era,a “Double Page”!:D
Read the first to understand better!
In today's(second)comic:
Really,everybody have something strange in they life,in the end,the question,“Who's have a COMPLETE normal life?”,well,before the anwser,tell me what you think is a normal life!A normal life for us,it's a complete strange life for THE ALIENS!:D
So,no one have a complete normal life!
And yes,to make something like C&C Generals,that is good,but NOT SO GOOD,the EA-LA,or something like that,must have very lazy workers,well,not the game,but some graphics!AND SOME DAMN BUGS!>