facebook page

Scorpious on May 28, 2012

Hi by now you all know this comic is suffering 
a mayor overhaul ,  so I think I never told anybody 
here we got a facebook page where I am posting 
all the updates regarding the “reimagine ”  of the comic 
so if you wish to see how things are evolving visit 
the facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/NovusGenesis  
plus hitting like on the pages you better my chances of scoring 
with new sponsors and in turn I can produce this in a larger scale 
so am asking my drunk duck friends and readers to help me a little 
with this just a quick click of a button and you shall be helping me a LOT!  
plus in future occasions uncensured pages and edited scenes links will 
be post in the page for those who followed ,,, soo in advance thank you 
all for your so generous attentions to little me and ma little comic thing :D