Title Page - On Gossamer Wings

ShadowsMyst on Nov. 2, 2006

Hey all. This is a story related to my longest running comic, Shifters: The Beast within, explaining the origins of the Shifters universe and the creatures within it, as well as the origins of the Earth where “The Beast Within” is set. This is a stand alone story however, which is why I'm seperating it as its own thing. I thought I'd post it here so that it would be convinient for peeps here to track it. It will be a little behind the main sites, but its convinience right?

To those used to my art and style, you may find this is a little ‘artsy’. I'm using it to experiment a little for some of the work i'm doing on the revamp of shifters and to improve in using Mangastudio and Photoshop, so bear with me here. It is a bit of a departure from my regular style.