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Moving Day

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Moving Day


Well, hey! Long time no see, guys.
Actually, that's entirely my fault. I've been updating the comic at the new site (, and by the time I finish it's about 1 in the morning and I want nothing more than to go to bed. Even something as simple as copying and pasting whatever post I had just written into the form here and Drunk Duck was kind of "Eh, it can wait until tomorrow". After awhile I just started to forget about the mirror site, and now you guys are horribly behind. That kind of sucks.
I've been thinking about it, and I've come to the decision to just not update 1Q on DD any more. Every new update will now be uploaded on the new official home of 1Q, ONEQUESTIONCOMIC.COM.
CLICK HERE to jump to the page last posted on the DD mirror. You can browse through the newer pages since then to catch up with everyone else.
Don't worry, this doesn't mean my relationship with DD is totally over. My other project DMR is still hosted here, and as soon as Book 1 of 1Q is over (which is just one more chapter and a short Epilogue to go) I'll start updating that again.

See you over at the new site!

Cheeko out.


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