ComicMakerEX on Nov. 21, 2006

Yeah here is the cover page I'll move it to the first page after I make the next update

You might notice that some character who are not in the comic YET are on the cover…they'll all be in the comic after the first plot is done

NOTE:This is the main hero cast, there are a few other heroes, but those heros won't make much of an apperance in the comic for a long time and willl only be temporarily part of the cast

SECOND NOTE: I don't have any fancy programs, just paint, so I dare you guys to guess how I made that background!

Third NOTE: You may notice that the first 20 of so comics are gone, I'll be remaking them along the way

4th Note: If, and only if I make homepage, this will be deleted and put on the homepage, provided that I make one…

Man this one was long