Updating Duck and Quail now

Locoma on Jan. 27, 2012

Hey drunkduckers, I just want to let you know that Duck And Quail comic has been updating for the last 15 days with my strips, so if you want to see what have I been doing for the past month you can check that out. There's still two more strips of mine to be posted yet, there are 7 total. Overall it has been great, David Tulloch's scripts are really fun and really easy to work with (he provides the strips with balloons and a brief description of what to do). I'm really happy working with him and I look forward doing more of these.
smkinoshita: damn right
darrell: me too man! I'm dead without online help, even the official docs are online.
vickie: man, thanks so much for sharing that story, I didn't know that about your parents and is really really inspiring. And yes, thank god there are companies that oppose it… internet in general has generated many many companies and jobs, including mine!
tantz and ghostrunner: thanks so much for the support!