Chapter One -- Page Twenty Two

Dani Russo on Oct. 1, 2007

Oh, Penny…You're just not having a good day. Hips. Always getting in the way of stealthy getaways!

PS – the comic is already five months old, as of yesterday! (Where does time go?!) It'll be a year next month since I first started sitting down and plotting this thing out, inbetween working on lipsynchs & slamming my head on the desk of my old job. (The only thing I miss about working in animation is the steady paycheck.)

I'm abotu twenty pages behind where I thought I would be. but, I am promising you guys that I will AT LEAST have one page up per week from now on, if NOT all three updates (I will still be aiming for three, depending on my workload, though.)

Also – I know the style keeps shifting around. I admit, I'm still trying to find my way as a cartoonist, and find a method that really works, while trying to continually improve.

Things might look a little rough for a while (like the last page..which..eugh.), mainly because I am forcing myself to move away from the microns and towards nibs & brushpens. I am increasingly unhappy with how dead my micron lines look, and how much extra work has to be done to liven them up. (Aw, my instructors from college would be so proud. XD )

It hurts now, but hopefully things will look better in the long run!