Issue 1# - Doc will see you now

Author notes

Issue 1# - Doc will see you now


We start this comic with a visit to the Morph clinic on Charles Paradis in the Fissionhood of Rion, the capital of New Normandy. A nurse biowobbler, or a nursewobbler if you will, is recieving a new patient for the morph therapist doctor of the clinic.

Okay! Almost a month since I announced this upcominc page. The reason for it I've already mentioned so no point in explaining. I still got work to do on the Anthology I'm collaborating on and the DD awards still has a lot of slots to fill. Though I will try to make the next update within the next couple of weeks and I think it's going to be on Molly Lusc this time.

Til' then have a good one.


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