In Carnate Part 1 Cover

stabbyfairy on Aug. 19, 2008

Finally, it's ready! The all-new-and-improved version of Pictures, free from plot holes, dropped threads and blobby art! So take a look, ladies and gentlemen, at the cover for In Carnate!

I suppose I'd better explain the logic behind this restart. In the time it took to even draw chapter 1, my idea for the story of Pictures was very different from how it was originally and by the time I got to chapter 5, there was almost no resemblance. There was foreshadowing for things that would never happen, at least 1 character with a design that badly needed changing and a tone that was very very wrong. So… I decided to do a restart and do it properly this time. Thank you very much for reading Pictures, and I hope you enjoy In Carnate. ^_^