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Ittermat on March 1, 2011

Yes folks, this is the end of Pigeon. There was going to be more, I had so many awesome Ideas for it, I loved drawing it, but things happen, things dont go as you planned, and plans go awry.

For one I have tendonitis and carpal tunnel- so you can imagine that the comics I DO finish or do is an amazing feat in itself. And believe me when I tell you that I TRY To do them, my work has suffered, my quality has suffered due to this- and I hate it. And I just cant spend the 8+ hours on these pages that I need to.

Not only that I recently lost the cat that Moses was based off of, so drawing him makes me burst into tears. I miss her terribly. But life goes on I suppose.

and Finally, the person that was drawing this comic with me, and the person who Mark was created from- and the reason this story even existed in the first place is now obsolete- we broke up, and so Pigeon really holds no meaning for me whatsoever, this isnt to say I dont like the story, And maybe one day if I can get a miracle I will finish it without him, just to shove in his face how awesome it would have been. But as of right now and for an indefinite time, this is the end.

Thanks to everyone who read it.

And please be sure to check out my other randomly updating comics. I do them when I can-

Have a great day ^^