Pinky TA 8: Page 16

ozoneocean on Sept. 26, 2017

Page description:
So Ace comes back, and gets a job as test pilot on a tromper, Cc gets in with the crew working on the land ship, and Piny chats with Betty and Colin (or Colon? I don't even know anymore…), about the progress that's happened.

I loved doing the detail and shading effects here, but I can't help but think the balance of the page is off… while the dialogue and pacing seems a bit awkward. I don't know to be honest. I've been working on the page for so long I can't look at it with any sort of balance or objectivity anymore and I just wanted to finish it!

The golden rule is NOT to criticise your own work because it down-sells it and makes it look worse to people; beginner artists do that a lot because they don't know any better and they're often humbly fishing for compliments…
But I don't care at this stage. Something has gone wrong here and I'm not sure what.