Unfotunate Hiatus

yugi67 on Sept. 28, 2009

Yeah, as soon as I come back and start making comics, this happens and. Without Spriter's Resource I lose the place where I get most my sprites plus I lose where I get all my backgrounds for this comic seeing how Background HQ doesn't carry pokemon backgrounds. Anyway, more on my return I will be updating whenever I can, I will also be ending Megasonic, it's been on Hiatus too long and I just don't feel the urge to continue it (seeing how my characters personalities I originally had for them in that comic or completely different from their final personalities). Halo: Another Side Another Story will remain on Hiatus, I started the comic without realizing I didn't have certain sprites that I need, I'm making a contest on that later stay tuned to it's page and you'll see what you can get for winning and the details. I'll be helping gatemaster with Shade the Fox whenever I feel inspired, and last but not least I will be starting a Pure Mega Man comic to replace Megasonic and so I can have something of my own to work on.