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feedmefood on Sept. 3, 2007

Erm… I wish I could have an explanation for you guys aside from school, but that's the only reason I have (over here, summer is from March to May). Sorry. :( Not that it's a real reason or anything, I mean, mostly I didn't know what to draw although I had the script ready. I will try to update more frequently.

Real, real backgrounds will come when Serena leaves the house. XD Or after this page, maybe. I don't know if the page has gotten any better/worse so please tell me what you think. Thanks for the comments! :)

Netsaver exe: Thank you! Mine too! I've dropped it a few times, though… >__>

spaceyoshix: Thank you for the five and the fave! ^_^

MetalLuigi: Thanks! I haven't used Photoshop since the last time I updated though. (And that is probably my only reason for this page being sucky, aside from the fact that maybe Photoshop is not my thing. XD)

dmc87: Thanks for the five! And actually, that is her skirt…

Lexxorodius: Indeed! Thank the Lord my Wiimote hasn't died yet… XD Thank you for the five!

Oblivion_Awaits: Haha, I get what you mean! Those are my main problems, too. And thank you!