- An Errand For Elm (#4- A Large, Small Selection)

LupaLynn on Jan. 25, 2006

Why is there some unwritten rule that says all sprite comics must be (or at least try to be) funny? (Are there many out there that succeed in being funny? I can only think of one that's ever really made me laugh.) I'm not a funny person, and any attempts at humour seriously hurt my writing (which is very apparent from these first few strips). As this is only getting worse, I'm going to stop right here. Otherwise, this comic will turn into one of the millions already out there that strive only to please the readers and I will strain myself and begin to hate doing this trying to come up with an actual joke. This page isn't meant to be funny either, but seems to come across as a bad attempt at it. I apologize. From now on, I'm going to do as I should have from the beginning and focus on the plot and characters and tell the story how I want to.

Of course, just stopping here wouldn't be such a bad idea either. The world needs more Pokemon comics that aren't based on FR/LG, but I don't seem to be helping the problem any. This may be much better in comparisson to earlier sprite comics I attempted, but I stil don't seem to be at the level where I can produce a worthwhile comic. If I can't straighten this out in the next few pages, I'll admit defeat and stop wasting everyone's time here.

Putting the heroes from the Hoenn games in is something I'm still slightly hesitant about doing. When I began writing the plans for this comic, they became characters without much thought. Red and Blue get to be in it, so why shouldn't they? Since at the moment I'm feeling like I'll end up scrapping this project pretty soon, I figured it couldn't hurt to allow them in. After all, the GSC games take place a couple years after the others, and the main character in RSE is from Johto, so it makes sense that he'd eventually return to take the gym challenge.