Pokemon Sanctuary

HawkMeister on Nov. 27, 2010

MINIMATTY:So here it is the cover page, all credit to Hawkmeister for creating it, he did amzing as allways, trust me tho im learning how to do my own. small info you need to know, I take cameos and you will have credit and be a massive importence in the comic and will involve you alot personnaly by e-mails. It updates every Sunday, Extras page updates very tiem i find old pages or information work. Character page updates every time a new charcter is introduced and i mean everyone, even the they are just stood there. (So big warning before you click on the charcter page becuas eit will show spoilers, and giv eout information weeks in advance, but in the authers notes i will post when each charcter is avalible for looking at.(I have a new idea, if Hawkmesiter has skills to do it, they may be a better way for the charcter page)) I will give out auther notes every week and whenever Hawkmeister wants to or is involved he will post ntoes to undernieth mine. Final words now i hope you enjoy. :D x