School set up

necrolichmon on Feb. 13, 2011

Ok, I know my other pokemon comic didn't get started like I thought it would, maybe it didn't work cause thinking of stuff for a video game based comic wouldn't work out for me. So this time, I am making a school for trainers to go and learn how to become great trainers and start their adventures. I know each floor looks the same and stuff but this is just the start up format and it will change when i get more ideas. It is kind of based off a Japanese type school cause of the animes i watch that are set in the school. Also, cameo's are welcomed, need to fill the student roster anyway. The style is HG/SS so start sending them in. I am going to need over world sprites, trainer sprites, and mugshots. Don't need a pokemon sprite cause I will supply those when needed. Send them to and make sure to tell me who you are before you send it or have it with the sprites.