Stuck behind glass

Draco109 on Dec. 5, 2006

First page, wow… I'm surprised I was able to talk myself into this… I'm not very good yet but this SHOULD help me improve… my old friend Madalchemist (I call him Madman) helps me out ALLOT on this, without him you wouldn't be reading this. I do the drawing/inking part he does the scanning and the rest. He then sends the file to me over E-Mail and I post it after final editing. Hope you like it!

Had the character BEFORE I got the nick-name/screen-name, therefore this is NOT an Ego trip! (had to get that out)

This comic is dedicated to all the people that believed in me and supported me You know who you are. That meant allot and this is my way of thanking you all.

This guy can hear every word spoken by the scientists