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denji on July 7, 2007


I hope you enjoyed this small little story… :3

Urgh, although it's unorigonal, small and silly, it has somehwat of a meaning! XD;
Really although it ends romanticly, I just wanted to make a point that you can be really great friends with someone- even so much so that you guys are like a couple- but it doesn't mean you have to listen to what others say :3
…on the other hand…if you feel it;s right- it;s brillaint to have such a good fundamental friendship behind a relationship!
some people get really scared by going into a relationship (I know I would be) so it's so nice if you go out with a friend- becaus enothing much would change- you should never force kissing or even holding hands- it should all happen naturally :D

I based the sequence of holding hands on something I had XD; (sadly..;) It's like..you think it would be awkward, and even something that small seems so weird at first. but once you do it, it's just brillaint and so warm and safe :3