Remedial Magic
Ch5: Pg15: The End

Author notes

Ch5: Pg15: The End


Whoo! Five chapters and it’s done. This was a fun comic to work on. I’m going to miss it and especially Felicity. I feel like she was my friend for the past five years. (Though…I probably wouldn’t put my actual friends through half the stuff she went through.)

I plan on doing another series (probably sci-fi), but I need time to develop it. I have the story idea for the sci-fi I’m planning on making, but I have nothing else figured out.I need to work out designs, structure my chapters, etc. So hopefully I can have some news on it in mid-September. I’ll post it here and I totally understand if I lose readers between comics. It happens. (Not that I have a ton of readers, anyway.)

One thing I wanted to mention about this comic was that I’ve been back and forth about Felicity marrying her highschool sweetheart. It doesn’t happen that often. As a result, I had this twist planned where Felicity reveals that her husband, Robbie, is an amalgamation of a highschool friend (who she did later marry and is Robbie) and the boyfriends she had in highschool.

See, when I watched Chernobyl, I was impressed by some of the stuff this one person was doing and looked them up because I had a hard time believing it was all one person. Turns out that the one person was actually a team of scientists that got rolled up into one character. This blew my mind. I wanted to do something like this and have her attribute everything to her husband. And also her husband was a psychiatrist and the reason she stopped going to therapy was because she couldn’t date her therapist.

But there were some continuity issues with it, I felt like it cheapened their relationship a little, and I just came off of the twist that one of Felicity’s students was her friend’s son. I felt another twist of that proportion this soon would’ve been overkill and I had Bruce’s reveal planned out for a lot longer than Robbie’s, so Bruce won out.


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