Chapter 09 Page 09-10

Erulisse on Aug. 21, 2010

They'll all be introduced in good time, but for those who are impatient enough to want their names NOW, I'll list their names and clans, along with what part of life their clan has shift over.
From left to right (top row)
Kaiydar of the Laeith (flora-trees,plants); Ydara of the Yaaris (wolves, canines); Alaia (the King's sister); Varanyn the high mage (who has given up clanship); Rendela of the Yari (mammals other than canines and felines); Llaesani of the Salu (fish and aquatic creatures); Kailya of the Yuora (insects (and insects on this world aren't exactly like ours))
(bottom row)
Asiru of the Ysaru (reptiles); Aiarys of the Ran (birds); Kimari of the Meyori (felines); Kailya again.

And of course, not voting are the King (Dael) (royal family; clanless) and Ariath of the Yvaitha (Magic-class creatures)