#26: Defending orbs, giving the battle a new perspective

boilman on May 6, 2008

Sorry for the week-long delay people. Don't worry, it wasn't another year-long dip like last time :P
I just had a couple of important stuff to do, you know, having a life and all? Combine that with a GradeWeek at school, 18th birthday of my cousin's, two people that were so drunk it wasn't even funny at said birthday, and you've got a good recipe for no update.

However, I stayed up till 4:40 today (exactly 4:42 as of me writing this) to make this comic. Thus, any and all mistakes are due to me being (really) tired.

But, about the comic. As you can see in two of the panels, I haven't been sitting still these weeks. Like I said, I dare you to find any other EXE themed comic that has done this. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you are officially blind/ignorant.

Special thanks to Blackhook for helping me out with Rock's shading. Thanks man, you're the best.
Also, an (old) thanks to SovietCommando over at SpritesInc, for helping me out tremendously with the battlefield.

Oh, and some thanks to Maneko over at BnG, too. He's the one who made me do something to juice up the battles.

And, did it work?