Forbidden Fruit

sifueagle on Nov. 7, 2010

Hello & a warm welcome,

I do, or did, a webcomic called Cloud Eagle. I've found I've let my attentions sway to others' projects except for my own. I've finally returned to the nest & am attempting to get back on with my own works.

A few followers know I'm a graphic artist (duh) & a martial artist. My original descriptive moniker for my work was “Martial Graphic Arts”. As a martial & graphic artist, the practitioner has to constantly practice to improve. Here, I'm attempting a new sketch a day. Some will reveal initial designs & others standard figure work.

I'd like this to be a place to meet DD readers & fellow creators. Here I'll primarily be drawing all things Cloud Eagle related. However if any readers have their own characters or topics they'd like drawn leave a suggestion in the comments & I'll be happy to do so. I'd like to stay away from the big twos' characters as they can be found everywhere.

I'll keep today's description brief. Forbidden Fruit of the Cloud Eagles. Sketched in ball point pen. I tend to sketch in ball point as it forces me to make sure something is able to come out of the original laywork that is laid down. The two solid black lines help pop out the character and the angle help to convey movement. You can see I originally had speed lines behind her, but it didn't work to well without a ruler.

~Bruce Dwayne aka Sifu Eagle