ttyler on Nov. 19, 2010

Hey there,
For those who don't know me, my name is Tim Tyler. I have been an independent comic artist/illustrator for almost 30 years, having started my professional career, after leaving the Joe Kubert School of Cartooning in 1985.
Since then, I've worked on many books and characters for other companies as well as my own publishing companies. ( Fathom Press, Doom Theatre and most recently, Shadow Planet.)
I've worked on, published, or created such books and characters such as Razor, Faust, Dreadstar, Hades, Blood Reign, Devil-Jack, Cadaver, Ratsbane, Djustine, Dead Crew, Cuda, Book of M, Manga Monthly and most recently, Engine.
I have been asked on a few occasions, for tips and technique examples, so I thought I'd give it a shot and see who might like it. I can't say I'm a great teacher, but I'll give it a shot.
Every Saturday, i will try to give whomever is interested, tips and examples of pencil to finished art. It may not be pretty, but you just might find a morsel that could help you.
First up, we will work on a panel from the newest engine double splash page. This is a reaction shot, with Jinn, showing concern over something thats happening. I always start with the eyes, because if you can get nice eyes down, half the battle of the face is won.

Now, eyes are awesome, because they can convey a great part of whatever emotion you might be trying to display.
A good tip is to tilt all lines,eyebrows, etc inward, for a look of menace/toughness like in drawing A. Figure B is the opposite, tilting everything away, which instantly gives the impression of worry/fear. I haven't even drawn a face, and yet, just through the eyes, you can see 2 different emotions.
So I begin inking the eye/eyelashes with a #2 black Micron, then, do the nice soft eyelashes with a brush of some sort. I try to ink hard, inanimate objects with a dead, lifeless line….and ink living, soft things, with some kind of softer tool.
Eyelashes can be done in all sorts of ways. Some people ink one, sweeping think line around the eye. (like Frazetta did in his paintings of women.) or, you can choose to ink one, or a few lashes in….it's up to you as an artist.
Check back through the week for more updates on this panel…then we'll try to do a new one next Saturday, holiday permitting. Thanks!!!!