Prologue - page 11, 12

Metruis on Feb. 12, 2010

Oops, sorry, didn't realize anyone cared. I've had the next few pages done for a while and totally forgot to post them–partially because I had to get a high level to screenshot the area I need for the next scene, not being high enough to go there myself.

Not so much of the funny this time… just a little dramatic.

@Blood zx Update!
@Lexxorodius Indeed! It is the best sprite comic evah. Except for my update “schedule”.
@Zerolimits Glad you like!
@xVegitox I guess I should've had a sound effect. Fail for me. Ah well.

Here is some drama for you guys. I do have two more pages but I don't want to post them without the next couple because they serve as a transition.