[ 01 ] Working on it!

mfc on April 3, 2007

Alright, a little explanation on where I've been; and the little trouble I've gotten myself into.

MFC (My Favorite Color) was a project I had in my head for a little while, but I could never work the kinks out of the story. It seemed a little cliche, and I'm sure that kind of story has been done a million times. Every time I looked at the characters, it occurred to me that they indeed look familiar; like the cast of Sonic the Hedgehog (chaos, to be more specific.).

Recently, I came across something that I've been waiting for 10 years; possibly more than that. The SatAM (Saturday Morning) Sonic the Hedgehog series. The complete 26 episode series (13 episodes per season), which had an interview with one of the writers (if not, the only writer) of the second season. Ben Hurst (the writer of the two most famous episodes of the series “A Blast to the Past”), said that the reason why he was attached to the series so much was because the characters were believable.

That changed the way I look at the way that I write comics, now.

I realize now, the main reason why all my other comics flopped was because the characters weren't as believable as I thought they would be. Who would believe that a mass of color with a sword can unite a demon's realm with an angel's realm? (He was half angel, half demon, no less!)

The only thing(s) that I'll write about in the comics that I'll make in the future will be about things that I know, and things that are actually believable.

As far as the reason why I haven't been updating until now, and leaving you all in suspense (which is my fault, actually)..

I went to Las Vegas about a week ago, and I forgot to pack my tablet's pen back into my backpack from a relatives house. Either that, or one of my cute little cousins got a hold of it.

I ordered a new one, so I'm back in business!

And. For the sake of motivation..

This comic will update every other day. Starting with this comic!

Thank you for listening (and reading this, besides the comic, no less!)

I hope you like this comic a lot better!

– J Robbins