The legend begins.

webcomics heh on March 31, 2009

Based on a true story. I need to buy a new ballcock* valve for my toilet and the Home Depot was packed with Mexicans. And I was thinking to myself I said “SELF” (heh) “Listen up hombres. I'm greatful that you're keeping my lawn looking fine but you're in America now so learn some fucking English. Keep it real-io amigo. Ok-o? It's not like I go to your country** and assail your aural canals with the Queen's English.***”

That's what I was going to lay down on them but then I was next in line at the check-out and I couldn't very well hold up the process. I keep the flow moving above and below the waist if you know what I mean. Oh yeah.

*That's what she said in bed Fred.
**Uhhhhhhh… SHYEAH. Like that's going to happen.
***You should be so lucky. I'm a writer. That's WHAT I DO.