Resi4ever on Oct. 22, 2009

Look on the bright side, at least Cream isnt dead. (If you have completed Doom 1 episode 3, you will know EXACTLY what I mean…)

And dont get any ideas about Amy and Knuckles on the 2nd frame. Its just meant to be her grabbing onto Knuckles.

The title “Dis” is the last level of Doom 1 episode 3, or to put it another way, the last level of the canon story. No Spider Masterminds here though. And we havent seen a Cyberdemon or Arch-Vile either. Or a Hellknight. Or a Spectre, come to think on it…

So I suppose this is the end (somewhat) of my first sprite comic. I think its fair to say its come a distance since it started a year ago, despite the MS paint background of the last chapter or two, and the inconsistancy of size in this issue (it was purely to be consistant in regards to Tails flashback). Its true that I have learnt a lot about spriting since then and what you should and shouldnt do! I have also changed in regards to playing Doom as well. When I started this comic, I couldnt do any mode on any Doom above “Hey not too rough” (essentially easy mode) without cheats. Since then I have completed Both Doom and Doom 2 on Ultra violent (hard mode) without cheating. Levels I once thought impossible without rulebreaking I now do for fun without cheats to help relax! (My favourite is Doom 2 Level 28 “The Spirit World” on UV mode)

Will the story continue someday? It may do. What will happen to the team if it does? All would be revealed in Sonic Doom 2: Hell on Mobeus.

Thanks for reading! =)