Sonic and his comic title page

Dreamweaver on June 8, 2009

Tada my newest comic creation all for you! Enjoy and welcome.
This comic is different then most for those that didn't read the info on the thumbnail. In this comic there is no Author. (Well no Author character.) So to keep things going and more or less get them start Sonic makes himself the author. This will be interesting to say the least. (For those not familiar with the lost boys of home town my main comic allow me introduce 2 of my creations. The first one the little cutie smiling in between Amy and Sonic is Sparky a dragon pup. She is one of my most beloved characters with a cute and bubbly personality with wisdom far beyond her years. (She's freshly born in this comic.) Basically wherever Sonic goes she does.) And the next the one on the right that Cream is riding on is none other then an advanced version of Shade in her full armor by yours truly. With that out of the way read laugh and have a good time.