timlight on Dec. 7, 2007

The X-Heroes

Date of Birth: Classified
Place of Birth: Classified
Known Relatives: Classified
Education: Classified
Affiliation: The X-Heroes, Impenetrable Window Co.

Height: 7'6“
Weight: 563 lbs.
Eyes: Unknown
Hair: Plan B's super tough skin actually won't let his own hair pierce it. He�s as bald as a basketball.

Plan B's powers fit his military nickname of ”Ol' Wrecking Ball". No physical force has ever been seen to cause him pain, and he can throw a bus over a building without breaking a sweat.

Background (History)
Plan B was a top secret weapon for the government, unknown to many even at the highest levels of power. After being dropped out of a plane he would often carry out tasks that required the brute force of a whole squad but the subtlety of a single man. From infiltrating an enemy compound to destroying entire small countries, Plan B was the government�s garbage man. Plan B came to resent this work. He came to meet Captain DeathRay, who was at the public side of the government's superhero branch (known as Super-S.A.M.) and unhappy with his own government appointed tasks. They decided that they could do more for the public (and themselves) on their own, and created The X-Heroes.