Z74's Star Knights
Reboot in progress

Author notes

Reboot in progress


it's been a while I know. Somehow real life problems have been keeping me from having time to work on this comic , and for those who have been reading it I do appoligise . Lots of OT at work , and computer problems etc… The last few pages I posted felt more like a chore than a hobby too .
The main thing though is – I have been doing some studying and self evaluation and I feel that I can deliver a much better comic than I have done so far , so I feel that this is a good time to reboot ! I wont be re- hashing the stuff I already did , but making a fresh start more in line with my vision of what I wanted to make in the first place . I also plan on building up a back log so I can keep it on track as far as regular updates . I hope you all will still read it when I put it out – planning for mid december as a start date . And thanks for reading


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