Almost Famous on Aug. 28, 2009

This is a story I always had in mind since 2002.I have always wanted to see this fight and since I have read Star Wars Tales #9. I have decided to do this story.People will question how can this be true since Darth Maul died before Boba Fett but the real Star Wars fans know that there are ways that who are no more can live again.
I only have four things to this comic when you read it or more importantly if you happen to get into it!
1.THIS STORY IS ONLY MY INTERPRETATION OF IT. I'm not saying this is what really going to happen if they do battle.
2.MY ARTWORK MAY NOT BE UP TO YOUR STANDARDS. I'm not a great or even good artist and honestly I do this for fun nothing more..I'm not looking for an applause..Just read and enjoy if you can..please.
3.THE UPDATES MAY TAKE WHILE TO COME.I work and I have a life outside of DD like most people so please be patient with my updates it may take a week or 2 for my updates.I can promise it won't be like Greymalkin my other comic.
4.THESE CHARACTERS ARE OWN BY GEORGE LUCAS. I don't need to tell you this unless have lived under a rock for all your life basically..I met George Lucas back in 2000 what a nice (but quite man).
So therefore enjoy and get prepared for battle……