Issue 1 Cover Page

Kiah on Oct. 19, 2008

This will, in a week or so, become the first page of the comic, as the official cover design for issue #1, to be printed once I am FINALLY able to fix the chapter 1 title page and the colour/brightness settings for printing. It was a VERY busy week, unfortunately, and this was all I was able to do.

Tuesday, I went to go see a concert with my brother, a birthday gift in advance. Wednesday was my actual birthday, Thursday I had a TON of school work to do, Friday, I went to saw Jon Stewart at Northeastern University and it was totally awesome and hilarious. This weekend I tried to catch up on work as well.

Nevermind that this cover design went through several iterations and colour schemes before I was happy with it. Anyway, sorry for the lack of actual comic panels lately, but this is how it goes when you're in a serious business art school haha

I'd also like to say that you're probably going to start seeing some Starsign related animations soon. We're getting back into hand-drawn animation and I'd like to start using Starsign characters for them, not to mention that once I get all caught up, I want to start doing some personal animations on the side, in photoshop if possible!