OMG Drunk Duck, its been so long!!!!!

puck the duck on April 21, 2009

So yeah, evanneo at school said he got on drunk duck, and is starting 2 new comics. So I HAD TO GET ON! and I realised how long id been missing out. I have been busy, but i should have neglected you guys like that (mainly Crazy Duck and Allan). I am sorry.

Ive gotten alot better with comics and drawings in general. So if i am to start again, i need you guys to answer these:

1) i have a new style for my character, and might try it. Should I? (yes ill post 1 later if i get to it…)

2) I was thinking about doing it again on lined paper so you get the notes feel again (and yes it will be neater and nicer than my last set of notebook style pages). Should i do it all? and if so, on cpu (which i neeed to learn to do) or on actual notebook paper.

I am very very very active on another site, called, it has nothing to do with art (but they do accept fan art), and you can find me there. Username is Elliott. So if you dont know if ill get on again here, you can go there and remind me, and its easier to converse that way (yes u'd have to make an account)