SF Fan Art #1 - Captain Spectacular's Dreams by Mark Poutenis

Brock on April 30, 2008

Hey all! Welcome to the kickoff of the SuperFogeys Fan Art page on Drunk Duck.

The SuperFogeys is a webcomic that answers the question “What happens to superheroes when it's time to get out of the game?” In this case, they go to Valhalla - Home for the Supertired.

SF began in September of 2006 as an experiment on MySpace. In April of 2007 the strip was picked up by Th3rd World Studios for publishing the SuperFogeys in book form for hosting on supefogeys.com.

In June of 2007, the SuperFogeys came to Drunk Duck and I've just been blown away by the positive reception its gotten. You guys and gals are great.

As a way to celebrate you and the other many fans of the SuperFogeys, I've decided to start this fan art page. It should be updating two or three times a week for awhile or until I run out of submissions, and then whenever I get new ones thereafter.

All of this is in preparation for the relaunch of the Th3rd World website. Once that happens, SF will have its own place there for things like blogs, comments, news updates, a way to get SF in your email and a whole lot more, including a special fan art section.

You're gonna be seeing a wide variety of styles as this thing progresses. Everything from a classically illustrated version of the SuperFogeys like the one you see today, to a realistic computer rendering of Spy Gal to a piece submitted by my very own daughter.

Amateurs and pros alike are welcome to submit. Everything I get will be posted so long as it's not of an inappropriate nature. (I'll trust you all to figure that out for yourselves. You can always ask me as well.)


We start with one of my favorite pieces from Mark Poutenis of The Thinking Ape Blues. “Ape” is a fantastic, edgy comic (mature readers only, please!) that expresses its ideas in a satirical, smart and funny way–ideas with which I almost never agree, but I do admire Mark's craft greatly.

Mark also has a fan art section on his website, and I do believe one of my pieces made it in there, so check it out when you get a chance.

Mark did this fantastic piece around the time I was finishing up chapter 1/starting chapter 2. As such, it features Captain Spectacular in the old version of his uniform (when he looked much more like Superman) before I redesigned him and retroactively modified the first 40 strips to fit! That took an insanely long time.

Also, at that point, I hadn't taken the time to fully design the younger versions of the SF characters, so Mark had to do a lot of improvising to fill in the blanks. I think he did a great job!

More to come!


Be sure to check out the latest SuperFogeys on Drunk Duck!