A public service annoncement

poliwirl100 on June 15, 2009

Hey people I'm trying but I've got a lot of shit going on in my life. If you need to ask me something send me an Email Poliwirl100@yahoo.com or ask my girlfriend (Kittygrl) what's going on okay? I cannot access PQ's except when I'm at home but I don't check my inbox anymore because I'm getting swarmed by fan mail telling me not to let the comic die. I'm trying not to people but like I said earlier I've got A LOT of shit going on right now. It just makes me feel so GRAAAAAAAAH!!!!! Anyway yes my brother died so I'm taking over his sprite projects so until I start updating on a normal basis again LEAVE ME ALONE!! (read that last part in a Chris Crocker voice).

BTW I do not have Evanescences endorsements. Trust me if I did I would be updating a lot more often. Peace out Y'all