Book Two Page 49

bravo1102 on March 12, 2018

Glorianna just can't keep her nose out of Glorreaka's business. The third panel shows Glorreaka's original face when she was Rynessa to whom Searsha was apprenticed.

Rynessa and Elsa were good friends in Nar-Markain (North Main city) and were always on the look for girls who could become sorceresses or priestesses. Magical talent is inborn and usually manifests around puberty often coinciding with the girl's first menses. Sexuality and fertility are important parts of magical talent.

Searsha was already a mother when she was discovered and rescued from the house of high priced courtesans.

Remember, a non-talented person can only do one or two word answers – talented mages are open to attack, especially if probing as Glorianna is doing here. There are defenses but Glorreaka overcame them in seconds.


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