page 14

freeway on Jan. 6, 2008

So there you have it, welcome to my twisted little world guys. Yes i know some of the script is a little choppy but as you can see there was a perfectly good reason for that. And yes the words are a little basic and simple, but believe it or not this was probably the hardest thing i ever had to write. But my obsession with breaking the rules drove me on and helped me finish this.
I had the idea for this comic some 8 or 9 years ago now, but never had the platform to showcase it on - so thank you Drunkduck.
I would like to give a special thank you to my better half - Vikki. who was probably the only person to show an interest when i told them what i was trying to do. And a big shout out to Rockstar1039 for showing a continued interest as i was putting these pages up (at least i knew 1 person was reading it)